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Bespoke Furniture


About WMW

The owner of Wood Monkey Workshop is Dorset born and raised Paul J. Morris-Pinchefsky who has been working in the woodworking craft since the beginning of his apprenticeship back in 1981.
As a professional craftsman, Paul has been elected a Member with the Chartered Society of Designers (London), is currently an elected Member of the Institute of Carpenters (London), has published work, exhibited work in Harrods of London and also exhibited work through the television media.  
Paul Pinchefsky

An Eye For Detail

Having an eye for detail is an excellent and honest approach for successfully achieving high-end craftsmanship. You can also feel assured your bespoke furniture will be made from premium graded wood sourced through FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certified suppliers who are helping to protect this valuable resource. 

A wide range of hardwoods, softwoods and exotic burr veneers are available including, oak, maple, ash, walnut, cherry, beech, mahogany, yew, wenge, sycamore... - list goes on.   

Promotional Film

Accompanied by tranquil music.

Personalised Plaque in Oak

Carving a Ball & Claw Foot in Maple

Carving Scrolled Brackets in Maple

Featured Desk Carvings in Oak

Commissioning Your Project

Commissioning bespoke furniture is a creative journey of inspiration, vision, design and making.  The time scale of completing the journey can be weeks or months, depending on a variety of elements.   Every piece is hand designed and made by Paul from his workshop with love and care.  

The early stages of the journey in bringing an idea to the workbench are straight forward...  

Paul can help you establish your design, or design from a minimal brief, and prepare a series of scaled drawings for you.  An extensive selection of wood samples will also be presented to you as a flavour of what woods are available to bring your project into a physical reality. Once you're happy with the design and choice of wood (or woods), a material and labour price will be worked out for your hopeful approval. 

With your approval, the next stage of the journey is the workshop.  This is where your thoughts materialise and where you can witness your project grow into a thing of beauty.  

The last leg of the journey is when the finished work is delivered to your home and you can receive boundless pleasures from your very own commissioned piece of handmade bespoke furniture. 

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