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Maple & Ebony Bedroom Furniture

Maple & Ebony Bedroom Furniture
WIP Photos - Start Date: 24.08.17
After a delay in starting, work has begun.

Set out below are the workshop drawings illustrating the Bedside Table (x2no.), the TV Box Stand and the Dressing Table & Stool.

Here is the maple delivered, unpacked and on the main workshop bench ready to prepare for making.

And here are all the elements cut to their approximate lengths ready for marking out.
The first stage of the work was to form a taper to the inside faces of each leg - all 19 individually made.  
With this done, all of the aprons and leg tops were marked out for all 54 mortice & tenon joints.

The visible groove in the aprons are to house the fixing buttons which will firmly hold the top surfaces in their 
correct locations at a later stage.

Before making the above joints, I prepared all the timbers to form the top surfaces for each piece of furniture.
Here you can see all the mating joints have been 'shot-in' and prepared for biscuit jointing. 

And here is the project's first glue assembly of all the top surfaces including;
Back row left to right; Bedside Table, Bedside Table, Dressing Table Stool.
Front row left to right; Dressing Table part 1, TV Sky Box Stand, Dressing Table part 2.

And the Dressing Table Top in Part 2 glue assembly.

Here are the aprons and legs morticed & tenoned ready for glue assembly.

First stage glue assembly of the furniture excluding the Dressing Table.

Second stage glue assemebly.

And here are the pieces jointed & glued.

Left to right: TV Sky Box Stand, Bedside Table x 2no and Dressing Table Stool.

Note: The tops are not yet fitted and require more work including the edges and ebony string inlay.  The lower shelves are in glue assembly but not yet fitted.  The drawers to the Bedside Tables are in the making. 

The lower shelves in glue assembly.

The Dressing Table Top now made and cut/cleaned to the outline shape.

And the front apron/legs for the Dressing Table.

The pair of Bedside Tables, Dressing Table Stool and TV Sky Box Stand are now complete apart from the finishing schedule.

All the jointing is traditionally made including the dovetailed drawers.

The walnut drawer pulls are also handmade.

The Dressing Table is now almost made, and the whole suite will then be ready for the finishing schedule.

Report back very soon with a new installation of progress...
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